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ABB is a clear market leader in the area of drives. We offer one of the largest portfolios of variable speed drives backed up by in-depth application know-how. The vision: an AC drive that can be commissioned without manuals, without training and without losing time.

High Speed Torque Control

ACS 800 Family - Performance Technology

The ACS 800 goes one step further compared to normal parameter programming with the addition of Adaptive Programming. It is like having a small PLC inside your drive. Adaptive Programming needs no additional hardware or software but is always there when needed.

Direct Torque Control, DTC, is a revolutionary motor control method for AC Drives which allows accurate control of both motor speed and torque without pulse encoder feedback from the motor shaft.

DTC Guide

Designed For ...

Centrifuge Control
Practical programmable sequences for conventional centrifuges. Decanter Control for accurate speed difference control of two shafts.

Extruder Control
High starting torque, accurate speed/torque control and overload protection for demanding extruder applications.

Pump and Fan Control
Pump and Fan Control provides better flow control and cost savings up to 5 parallel motors in
various industrial pump and fan applications.

Spinning Control & Traverse Control
Spinning Control and Traverse Control make a perfect pair for precise control of spinning and traverse drives in textile machines.

Crane Drive Control
The cost effective crane drive with optimal operational safety and outstanding performance already built in.

Master/Follower Control
Reliable control via fiber optic link of several drives when motor shafts are coupled together.

PrincipleMotor Control with DTC

Key Benefits of DTC:

  • Fast torque response
  • Torque control at low frequencies
  • Torque linearity
  • Dynamic speed accuracy

ACS 800 Process Application Examples

Centrifuge Control

Crane Control

Pump & Fan Control

Spinning & Traverse Control

Drive Mill Control

Drive Paper Control

Drive Print Control


The ACS 550
The new volts/Hz, Closed Loop Flux Vector, and Sensorless Vector drive family

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ABB is offering a market platform of low voltage motors second to none - quality, reliability and performance. Motors for every application - Making you more competitive.

With a broader range of products and services ABB low voltage motors is years ahead of competition. We provide energy efficient, reliable motors with excellent services and options for online ordering via Business Online, a personalized service for ordering motors and drives. Availability is guaranteed by the global central stock concept.



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